(1) Education Relief : The Trust is giving education relief to the students of community for Graduate, Post Graduate and other Degree purpose as per the terms and conditions of the Trust.

(2) Text Book Relief : The Trust is also providing facility of text books as per the requirement of the students of the community within framed rules of the Trust.

(3) Shree Cutchi Lohana Saurabh : Since last 45 years, monthly magazine under main page of the Trust is published and distributed to the subscribers which covers the news of the community, news of the cultural activities, good articles, stories, poems and advertisement of the Boys and Girls who desired to engage and marriage.

(4) Matushree Jayalaxmi Surji Sewing Machine Yojna : Under this scheme, the Trust is giving loan for the sewing machine which is required to be repaid in 40 instalments.

(5) Other financial help :Under the said scheme, the Trust is also giving some definite amount to the absolute needy persons of the community and the said amount are sent to them under Money Order scheme of Indian Post.

(6) Medical Relief : The Trust is also giving medical relief as per the recommendation of the Doctor for the purpose of major diseases and operation purpose within the budget of the Trust. In addition to that medical treatment is given to any person of the community at "SOMAIYA HOSPITAL" at Somaiya Ayurvihar - Sion at nominal cost.

(7) Lawad Samiti : The Trust is playing compromising role to resolve the disputes between family of the community and a committee is established for the same under above scheme who will play confidential role and giving them required suggestions and advises to compromise the issue in a better way under humanity ground. The Trust is receiving very good response from the members of the community.

(8) Mahila Samiti : In order to make awareness among women of the community about the purpose and motive of the Trust, above mentioned committee is established who are engaged in organizing cultural activities for women of the community at regular intervals.

(9) Saraswati Sanman Samarabh : In order to appreciate the degree holders and encourage other students of the community avail the degree in their liking faculty, every year Trust is giving a certificate to degree holders and other monetary benefits to them and organizing a function to appreciate them and encourage other students of the community under this scheme.

(10)SAMANVAY SAMITI : After Diwali festival, a get together program is organized to wish "SAAL MUBARAK" to each other. Members are taking active part in the program. Ladies members of the community are taking active part in "Nritya Natika" and other cultural plays to show their talent in art. All family members are jointly enjoying the program and appreciate their children's active role in the program. Thereafter members enjoying food and departs with sweet memories in their mind.